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Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st day of Pre-school for Zach

Last week marked another momentous event in our lives... Zachary started pre-school. After watching his older brother, Chase, go to pre-school last year and then on to Kindergarten this year, Zachary has been very excited about the idea of school. This summer, we sent the two of them to the pre-school for a two week day camp and Zach could talk of nothing else for weeks! This is now his big chance to take it all in for himself! Despite a somewhat slow and shy entry into the pre-school, and a reluctance to say Hi to the teacher and other kids when he first walked in, Zach quickly warmed up. According to his teacher at the end of the day, Zachary responded to the end of music time with "What's next?" Clearly, he had high expectations for all the fun they were going to have!

Zach attends Star of Bethlehem Christian School (where Chase went) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Although somewhat pricey (with the cost of tuitions, I don't understand why pre-school teachers don't drive Jags!), we just couldn't bring ourselves to deprive the poor kid any longer. He is clearly our little social butterfly! Since we're starting him in January, there's no outdoor pics... we decided to not torture him or ourselves, and did our photoshoot in the livingroom!